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Saturday, April 25, 2009

3 Ikhlas, My class...

A for Ang Wei Wen, lean and small.
C for Chin Jia Jing, same at all.
Daniel and Harvin, cool is their word.
Potential in studies, nerds to the world.

Looking at someone, day after day,
Excited ‘bout them, hour after hour.
Who could they be? What are their names?
Jhenanie Nair, Bhavani K.

Shan and Goviind, black towers of class
Blue they are, prefects they be
Sport is their favor, running and soccer
Assume they are rounders—studies? Maybe.

A pole and a bag,
Yellow and Blue.
Tee boon and Yew Mun,
Silent, not fools.

Vans are reserved, chatterbox talks,
Vandy is still, but Jon is all talk.
Woo smart in studies, brains out to think.
“Pegang” each other, but not as you think.

Yi Ling the coconut, Xing Min the broom,
Teaching each other, the ‘Angin Monsoon’.
Laughing together, like ostriches on moss,
Don’t worry, don’t fret! Their minds are not lost.

Jia Qi the “ah long”, Angela the name,
High scores in subjects, displaying her fame.
Give her the money, give her the trust,
Beware! Beware! Moneys’ hard to trust.

Corns are yellow, tissues are white,
Connie is silent, Sue Anne is bright.
Connie will read, books after books;
Sue Anne will strike, subjects with might.

Riji Rash or Rishi Raj? Talkative in every way.
Menthardran or Tharmendran? Running all the way.
Soleha and Nabila, Smart in every way.
Geography and Sejarah? We all have no say.

Once again here, girls in blues,
Su Vin, Kang Li, prefects too.
Su Vin scores high Kang Li mopes,
Ping pong smashers; Master of chess.

Amir the macho, Izzati macha,
Monitors of class, Don’t dance cha-cha.
Straightfoward target, fabulous ‘esei’,
Politics in sight; Cosmetics display.

Azril Fitri ‘superman’ of class,
Wrecking tables, calculators too.
Fidgets when stand, shuffles when walk,
Ngui wears blue, a prefect too.

Hiding in the corner there,
Samantha hides behind her hair.
Tall, not lean, but just nice too,
Jiat Suan, princess of her cool.

Roses are red, violets are blue,
Flowers are pretty, not pretty like them.
Huei Yein, Su Ping, Tian Jia too,
Race to catch up, news in school.

Lam the prefect, singer of class,
Good in studies? Rather a blast.
What is inside his wee mind?
Bugs, nuts, lizards and pink slime.

I’m sorry to this,
That evil I may be.
However I meant this,
To be a joke for thee…

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