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Thursday, April 30, 2009


Woooooh.... theseFour days are so, busy...

This round there is some stupid flu that affects people in series,

first Kathleen, Then yimay, now Xing Min... ha ha ha..

Yesterday went ot BAtang Kali river to play. So, dame, nice.


(It's actuallty much brighter but the camera can't take it)

1. Finished the concave reflector 2.0, this time with smoother surface...

2. Tried out an experiment to heat water. With just a tray, and the reflector. Amazing results.

3. Started workng my way up the sejarah mountain... *o*




I flip the pages, left and right,

Eyeballs scanning, left and right,

But my heart is flying to,

The bliss land of Timbuctoo.

Dream, dream,I dream away

Floating off an endless way

Ice-creams, sleep, play on the way

Enjoying with my Tupperware.

Over Parkson and Ikea,

Carrefour and Curve.

Hear the noise-- Oh!

Obama is there...

The sun then hides, behind grey clouds

Wind releases its ever-strong sneeze

With mucus, dust, yuck! and more

Thunder grumbles and shouts at ye

Cloud got frightened and started to cry

Raining pianos and elephants, cats and dogs.

Shoot, i'm drenched! I grumble aloud

SUN finally came out with dare

I float around to dry myself

Wandering under the sun's hot glare

I saw a house far down below

Curious, i decided to take a peep

Hey! my house-- oh! lo, behold!

I saw myself there fallen asleep........

Ha ha ha.... giva your blasted comments.. he he..

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