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Friday, April 17, 2009

The Journey of a Dandelion (by ET)

The wind that blows, the many that fly,
Slowly and surely, toward the sky.
O’er hills and valleys, fields and meadows,
Far above the stream that flows.

Fluffy and light, floating in the air,
Seeking a place, to call its lair.
Longing for a home, to give it care.
Wandering under the sun’s hot glare.

At last it finds its perfect home,
And here it must struggle on alone.
With water and sunshine, Begins the strive.
The seed must die to give new life.

At last the seedlings begin to show,
More and more it seeks to grow.
New seeds that grow, maturity done.
The new journey has just begun.

1 comment:

  1. ehh is this the poem pn.zeb asked us to write last year??
    get a chat box laa.. lz to click every post to comment -.-


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