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Monday, April 20, 2009

Song of --- (Sing it to the tune close to you)

Why do I always fall off tress?
Everytime you are near
That’s just me,
I tend to be scared of you. (not really)

On the day that that you went mad,
Forgot to bring the papers,
And I wasn’t there to even remind you
I could scream out loud
And strangle you
Cos’ now things turn from sky-high to the poop.

Why do you always shy away?
Everytime I come near
That is you,
You better be scared of me.

On the day I went to school,
I called you down beside me,
And I promised harm would never come to you
But I screamed at you
And told you that
I wanna kiss/”keel” the teacher if I could.

There I sat, fuming like a pipe
Everytime I saw you
That’s just me,
I have to be mad at you.

On the hour a crazy fella
Came along and said
That she peed and leaked papayas on her dress
I expoded then,
And laughed and cried
And dunno what exactly to be felt.

How can you(Yimay) do this kinda thing?
Cos’ I’m now still kinda frust
Please don’t fret,
This meant to be,
A joke for you…


  1. LOL!
    Actually, i'm not sure who you are talking about until i reach the part that you say you "kiss/*keel* the teacher"... LOLOL

    have you even fallen fallen off a tree because of me!??! -.-
    ur picture DOESN'T EVEN LOOK LIKE UUU!! XD
    ELLIEEE !!!!!!!!
    Get a chat boxxx !!!!!!!!!!!


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