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Friday, April 24, 2009

Today, memang sesat.

Today Yi May fell on all fours,sprawling in front of the class after declaring officially that she is the one and only CHEAH YI MAY in the world. To be precise, she fell in slow motion, holding her bottle in the post of LADY LIBERTY, and went like, PRAMM!!

Ouch. that gotta hurt. Will draw a short comic of it and post it here. SOON.


Today is a sesat day,
And I don't know wat to say,
Cos' my hair will soon turn gray,
With mad people everyway.


Stoooooooooopid...... Dooooofus........
Blasted fried chickens. Shooted sheets. Elephant. Chicken.Frog. Duck. Goose. Beef. Cow. Bull.

I guess i lost it.
I feel so mad,
I feel so glad,
I feel so sad, bad, drat!

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