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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Are YOU Really My TRUE Friend?

Friends they come by, Friends they go
Friends they say hi, friends say bye
But through all friends that come by,
Are YOU (yes! you reading this) really my true friend?

We start of with a mere hello
Friendship increases with much grow
But I sometimes stop to think,
Are YOU really my true friend?

True friends are the ones who help,
Caring, Loving, cease to leave
Burdens choke me, you'll relieve
Are you really my TRUE friend?

If you are my faithful friend
You have burdens- i will share
I have burdens- you will share
Are you really my true friend?

With least thought I reassure,
You are really my true friend
But sometimes things' just not right
And I get real hurt deep inside
But, forget that, I ask you,
Are you really my true friend?

Answer me with honesty,
Answer me with truth, you'll see,
I believe that you're my friend
Are you really my TRUE friend?

I don't why I'm your friend
Tell me, tell me, I must know
Simply friends me or USING me?
Are you really my true friend?

Least, not last, I tell you now
Friendship seasons will go by
Our friendship shouldn't cease,

1 comment:

  1. Don't worry Ellie!
    I am your true friend..
    And i don't plan on using you..
    So, don't worry..


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