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Saturday, May 9, 2009


(I have my reasons why i type da title in Chinese)


My deepest and solest congratulations,
to all dear classmatess that endured through two wonderful periods
On a bright and happy Friday Morning,
of spending tome with our DEAR and BELOVED Headmistress ,Miss Z...

From what I hear,
It was a simply WONDERFUL time you all had..
Spending time listening to her reading out ppl marks,
Giving PMR lectures,
Even giving a quarantine to certain fellow class mates...
I certainly wished i was there to see... (OR NOT)

He ah ha ha ha ha ha...
Not meaning to taunt u ppl,
I'm now simply glad i got the Tag Influenza.

FAKTOR-FAKTOR 没有 go to sekolah:

1. My nose was Streaming
2. I kept sneezing
3. My heat felt like an oven
4. I felt like a Wobbling Jelly (Body memang boh-lat)
5. My throat hurts slightly
6. I coughed phlegm---- a little

Selain itu,
7. There was sejarah period.
8. PJ was cancelled
9. Miss Z was going to pay a visit.
10. Er... what else ah?

Hah hee hoo hey hor,
Study hard. Practice hard.
Exams-- Mid Year Exam and Music Exam(4 those who take it)


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