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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

The crush of a Crush

First, I must say, the “I” in this is NOT me. Remember, I am only writing!

It’s crushing me,
A crush because of a crush
We were both young
When I first saw you
We didn’t know each other
But soon we did

Then time passed
And now I’m here,
Standing, hiding,
Watching you,
Wondering if you secretly liked me,
And wondering,
If I really AM liking you, secretly.

你偷爱我~ 我也不知道啊!

Because of that,
I’m feeling
The crush of a crush.
A crush,
So explosive, so heavy,
A crush,
So delicate, so complicated,
So sweeeeeet…

What a weird feeling,
What a rare sensation.
A mixture of emotions,
A compound of love.
Chemically combined,
Not physically.
These, I feel, because,
I feeling the crush of a crush…

(to be continued… when I have ideas & inspirations to write Part 2)

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