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Saturday, May 16, 2009


The air is fresh—smell it,
Mmmmm, ahhh…
Such wonder God created,
The sun, the stars, the moon
My friends and families that stay by me
Thanks be to God, indeed

Wait! What’s that sound?
Bzzzzzzzzzz clack!
Could it be Man?
What is Man doing?
That sound, the dreadful sound,
Brings horror to us,
For it will bring us death,
Pain, anguish, sadness,
And all you can ever imagine

Oh, run for your lives!
Run! Man is slaughtering us again
But how are we to run?
Our roots are firmly planted to the ground
The soil, our home, is holding us down
We have nothing we can do,
To pray, and hope and plead to Man,
For our lives’ sake.

Man, how can you do this to us?
After all we’ve done for you
The fruit you hunger and lust for,
We gladly give
The leaves you need to make your crafts,
We gladly supply
The oxygen you must have,
We gladly produce
The CO2 you don’t need,
We gladly take away
The shade you want,
We provide

What else do you want,
You greedy humans?
We give,
But you lust for more.
Why must you do this?
Without us, you cannot survive!
Why? Why, and why?

Please, I tell you,
Heed our cries, our pains,
Save us, don’t murder us,
You bloody humans.
Think of us
Losing our dear friends and families
Think of
The poor friendly animals
That are in our shelter

No, don’t bring that cutter
Near my trunk…
This is my utter cry of despair:
When will you ever realize what you are doing?
When, when… when…

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