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Friday, May 22, 2009

Looking out the window

I came in class, sat down, and buried my face in my hands to rest. Jogging up the 4-storey stairs is no joke. What a rush! You go to school, study, come back, eat, shower, tuition (I don’t go tuition), homework, music practice, dinner, computer, review, play, and sleep… daily… Time flies by swiftly as though it were just the wind. And everyday passes, pass, and pass. Sometimes I stop to think, has anyone ever died because of rushing through life? No, I don’t think so.

I looked out the window; the sky was bright. The birds were singing and the trees were dancing. A gentle breeze caressed my flying hair as I looked outside the window. Nature is wonderful—a perfect masterpiece of God’s design. The all-noisy school bell rang, and broke my dreamy thoughts. Hush, nevermind~ I continued on.

The birds, they have no pressure, except maybe changing of air pressure. They fly around, having a great time, dancing and flapping to their great delight. The trees, they dance and sway. They too, have no sense of work pressure. What a delight. Though I am not the bussiest human, I still have pressure; pressure to fininsh homework properly, pressure to study, to work, to pass exams… hardly, were there anytime to just stop and meditate, and play.

But then I found out a way to relieve myself. If felt too stressed, I would look out the window, and admire the trees, ever-green. If I felt mentally tired, I would look at the energetic sparrows fly around the sky, enjoying the scenery. If I felt knotted up and stuffy inside, I would look out the window, and cherish the sight of free-flowing streams and waters, freely and joyfully playing, rippling over each other towards the sea. If I felt crowded, I would simply look up the window and perceive the ever fluffy white clouds rolling by, with a clear, white, and blue sky as the background… I would just look out the window…

I don’t need a bee-loud glade, I don’t need linnet’s wings everywhere, I don’t need Parkson Ria, I don’t need 1 Utama-- but I need Sg. Kanching, I need the interior forests of Sabah Sarawak, I need the fast rivers of Batang Kali, or maybe… just a little scenery of nature, outside my WINDOW… That would be just enough~

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