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Thursday, May 14, 2009

A Mad day

Today, Yi Ling X Come cos she's sick...

Poor Xing Min was hearbroken as she felt the loneliness creep up on her 3 minutes after the first bell rang. In result, she lost the conscious-logical part of her brains. The first part of school, she was OK. Then comes tuition, and so and so... YiMay sort of turned the class into a nursery by singing her all-famous eensy-weensy-spider song and Teapot song... What a din. He he~


Our dear english teacher declared that English tuition today will end at 2pm. Time flies. Tuition comes. This Xing Min was sitting in front of me, Yi May n my right(singing songs wth kathleen...) And the ferocious wind was whipping at my head~ Then I dunno how, Me and Ah Min started talking bout Exam marks, and we were sort of-like debating who was

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