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Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mothers-- the Unsung Heroes

Mothers work 8 hours (marketpace) up to as long as 18 hours (homemaker) a day. Overtime is not uncommon especially for home makers who, regardless of their health of mood, often have to show unconditional love to get up in the middle of the night to nurture a hungy babby or a sick child or tend to dirty diapers.

In pain she bears her child.
In pain she raises her child bearing
All the sacrifices of toil
And burdens of love.

And in the struggle of it all,
She is the most underpaid and
unpaid worker
She toils unceasingly,
With no off days
and she gives, and gives,
And gives of herself and more.

Is it any wonder
A mother cannot forget the child she bore...
And yet that picture of the mother
In relation to her child,
Reflects God in relation to us....

Thank you, Mummy!
For all your care,
And Unconditional love you give!!


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