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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

The People Sitting around Me

My Seat, in class, isn't very strategic. Yet, it's not un-strategic either. The seat is sun-hot, and stuffy cos there is NO FAN!! Such a pity my seat is outside the "Lingkaran-Api Pasifik"... Lucks for Sue Anne and Syed, they get to sit in direct blow of the blasted fan. Also, I am surrounded, and pinned to the wall by 5 people, which is, err.... ^*^*&^%&^%(*&^&^%+@!#~........

In front of me, a girl whose name is Bhavani, looks at boys all day long. She laughs lika... a.. a witch, EXACTLY lke a witch, I say... Not to mention, she's a prefect.

At my northwest, is a Yimay, another prefect. She is getting old, for sure. She brought the wrong chinese book, and then for I dunno what reason, laughed until her face went red like a tomato. ??? Anyway, I met her 1 week before standard one started-- At her dad's cake shop. Characteristics based on my observation : She wears braces, specs, pink bottle, pink file, purple bag, has black hair, is a human, a girl,wears black socks and shoes.

Constant variable: She was, is and always be cheah yimay, a human, a girl

Maniplated variable: Hit her once, on the shoulder.

Responding variable: She'll hit you back twicw, HARDER

Conclusion: Don't smack her too many times a day, if you wanna keep your epidermis cells alive.


Behind me, sits another girl whom I met 1 day after standard one started. The name is Min. Teh Xing Min. One recess, under a shady tree outside our classroom, I saw a girl eating bread. I decided to give her a honeystar piece. Gave I did, and took she did. Weirdly, she put that honeystar into her bread as if it were Butter or what... Also, no matter whatever I say in English to her, she just doesn't seem to understand or respond. Ah well, I thought... Then she dropped her bread on da floor, and began to cry. Eh.... I dunno why, ask her. and that's why she mad a crazy impression on me cos of d weird things she do.... ^o^

To me, she looks exactly like Bugs Bunny. and did I say? EXACTLY. To me. She too tall for an average height of an Ellie, and really skinny, lika Shanmugam. Still, when she smiles she looks exactly like Bugs Bunny, just that she doesn't have long ears. Otherwise I'm sure Warner Brothers could have taken her in for the Movies. Likewise... today I asked her and Yi Ling a question.

"What is the speed of the Angin Sumatera?"
YL: 800 KM/H
She: Emm... 600 KM/H?

I have nothing to say... man, that'll be evem faster than the rocket taking off to space...


At my Southwest is a YiLing Phang, as mentioned earlier. She, my God, is brain-yellow~ She tells the most ******** stories which send gossebumps down my spine and crazy nerve impulses up to my brain.... =.= ............... Anyway, she uh, I met her at 2Jujur last year, cos she was sittin behind me... Actually, I Met her at Form 1. I knew her name, But I dunno whether she knew I existed at that time anot. I noticed her cos of the way she pinned up her front hair.... Which was really weird to me.... Errh... She writes one of the most funniest essays (apart from Min) too.... She has a Si Fu, A person that is more yellow minded than her... That is...


Next to me, a dear and beloved( Eeeewww), freaking, papaya girl that leakes papayas, thinks papayas,and skulls and KARATs And DadAh and whatever else that is inside her mind. Man, she is more yellow minded than Yi Ling.... And I'm sittin beside her, for goodness' sake. She also says the most weird and freaky things, you know, uterus lining and all.... And she makes me go nuts and I lose my breath when I laugh.................................... BLIP............................................ I have nothing to say.........

Tuntasnya: In five months, ONLY these 5 MONTHS, these 5 ppl have sort of altered me... A little, changing a little of my Ellie-likeness..... Especially when the master and her sidekick off yellow and blue-ness are sitting around me.......

Conclusion: Friends can make a difference, and they affect you in the most unconscious way........ So choose yer' friends wisely...... I didn't choose who were suppose to sit around me right? Its just Takdir~



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