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Saturday, May 23, 2009


The true me, I tell you:

From My point of View,

The true me, you don't see
Maybe sometimes though
But whatever I may be,
I am only a human

I have feelings, that for sure
Joy, pain, anger, gladness,
Though joy's the most
I get hurt also, easily
But I calm it,
And that's what you see
After all, I am only human.

I hate to study, But yet I do.
I love music, but yet I hate it,
ONLY sometimes...

Few have seen the true me,
You have never, that I think,
Seen me really get mad or sad,
Except one time in Apr,
Which I ALMOST unleashed
The other side of me.

Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde,
One so good and one so bad,
Left of Me and Right of Me,
One so sad and one so Glad.
The sad part of me is often dead,
The glad part of me is very often
Active and alive.

When I get mad I control it,
If not i'll maybe strangle
Sir Danvers Carew.. Ha ha..
Pressure and stress
Thwart my joy
But I simply junk them,
With assistance of Joy from God.

I seem mad and extravagantly
But yet,
At times I can be calmed and
At tmes I just can't concentrate,
At times I easily can focus.

People say I'm "smart"
And "Creative"
When sometimes I am really not
Ppl say I'm "Dumb"
And "Gagal"
When really, I am not....

Ha ha ha....
What A paradox...
I have nothing to say...

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