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Wednesday, June 3, 2009

THE LAST PHOTO (love story)

You know, this is actually the english version of a chinese essay I wrote a few months ago. And REMEMBER, the I in this story is NOT ME. I am just writing a fiction-story. This post is pretty long, cos I gotta time to type and type… Enjoy! Or not…

I have a friend. His Name is “Shinozawa Hikari”. On my desk, stood a frame holding a picture of two laughing 8 year old children. Shino and I- We were both very young then. Whenever I took a glance at that particular photo, memories, sweet and sour, would all come rushing back; and the unforgettable flashback would start once again…

It was the first day of my new primary school, and art class was on the schedule. Unlucky me, I’d forgotten to bring my color pencils. I glanced around, observing the other students who were busy coloring away. I was thinking. How would I ask them to lend me some color pencils? They all don’t seem to speak English like I do. I saw a girl coloring away vigorously at the table next to me. Finally, I decided to make a try in mandarin.

“Ehhh, uhh… can give me color pencil that?” (which was actually in broken Chinese). To my disappointment, that girl just screwed up her mouth, rolled her eyes, and pretended I wasn’t heard. I just sat there helplessly. “Here, you can have mine!” a clear voice rang out from behind me. I turned and saw a smiling boy holding out a box of pencils. Even though he was only a 7 year old, he was pretty “handsome” too. “oh… thank you.” I replied. He winked and turned to the other girl next to me. “What kind of class monitor are you ah? Not even a drop of sharing attitude in you…”

Because of that incident, we became friends. Time passed and we were both now at the age of 17, on the verge of leaving school. Throughout the years, our simple friendship has grown into a bond of likeness for each other. Or in other words, Love. It was on that day, the day before our Form 5 Graduation Day, when another episode happened.

It was preparation day, a day when all form 5 students were engaged in settling graduation stuff. There were forms to be filled, halls to be decorated, photos to take, teachers to see, principles to consult, certificates to organize… so and so. By noon I had settled all the stuff I needed to complete, so I had extra free time before school was over.

I decided to take a stroll to relax, and at the same time, keep a lookout for Shino. I haven’t seen him the whole day, and neither has his friends. According to the teacher, he has finished all his stuff hours ago, saying that he needed to meet with someone. Curious of whatever he’s doing now, I decided to search for him. School canteen? Nope. Hall? Nope. HM’s Office? Nope. Class? Koperasi? Teacher’s room? Blocks ABCD? All nope. Hold on a second. I haven’t checked the school field yet right? Hmm, he’s gotta be there.

As I approached the field, I saw Shino standing there, silhouetted against the bright noon sky. As I advanced closer, I saw another person, a girl-prefect standing next to him. They were laughing, talking and looking at some paper. Somehow, and I don’t know why, a tinge of jealously welled up within me. When I was within listening distance, I heard Shino say: “Here, you can have my box of colors.” And he gave her a box. “You can keep it, its for you.” And with that, I felt like exploding.

He caught sight of me and smiled, “Hey, you done with your—”
“I can’t, simply CAN’T believe you spent an entire morning with her…” I interrupted him. A look of confusion stretched over his handsome features, “Huh? Whaddya mean?” and then he caught my glare of fury. “Oh no no no, don’t misunderstand she’s my…” Again I cut him off. “Shinozawa Hikari, you are so… so… ugh…” And with that, I turned and ran off. Behind me stood two blur lone figures, their faces portraying confusion.

While I was running, mixed emotions were churning around inside my head. I felt an arrow piercing through my heart, injuring it; my feelings bled. Hot tears were brimming in my eyes, and without second thoughts, I released them, and let them flow free; down my cheeks and onto my chin…

The next day was Graduation Day. I felt totally awful and not-spirited to celebrate my graduation. During the ceremony, I caught sight of Shino heading towards me; I simply slipped off. I don’t want to see him or talk to him again. Ever. But deep inside I knew a wanted to do the very opposite. Throughout the ceremony, I managed to evade him. Then I went home after it ended…

Time passed and it was almost a year. Since graduation day I haven’t seen or talked to Shino. Whenever he called my phone, I would just gaze at it, and let it buzz till it stops. Two years later~ No more phone calls, anything. I still couldn’t get that old incident off my mind. But still, I try my best to forget about it.

One night I drove home late, because I had to finish my office work late. The road was awfully dark and empty, only after about every five minutes a car would drive by. Anyway, I accelerated and drove on. While I drove, the memories of that day before graduation flashed back into my mind. Suddenly I felt the car jerked violently, inclined vertically, and then the last thing I felt was a something-hard slamming into the back of my head. Must be the steering lock bar. “Ow… It… h.. Hurts…” Then total darkness surrounded my vision.

Oh… look… bright white lights. I must be in office. Huh? What am I doing in office? I tried to incline my head and took a drowsy glance around. Uh… a hospital… A smiling figure clad in white was sitting next to me. “Feeling better? *cough* You’d been unconscious for a day.” I focused my vision on the figure… What? “Shino?... What… How…” I blubbered out. It was indeed Shino! He bent low and whispered, “Hush now, you need to rest. And oh ya, remember two years ago? That girl prefect was my sister. I was just teaching her how to draw trees in the field… And also, I’m glad you’re safe; its good to see you again…”

I just smiled, turned, and hugged the pillow. So it was just a misunderstanding! Even though I was nasty to him, he still waits upon me… I closed my eyes to cherish the thought, the moment—and a warm gush of feelings cuddled my heart, and also filled it with a tender feeling of peace, one, that I had never felt before…

After I recovered from the accident 3 weeks later, I decided to find Shino. I asked the doctor, and he gave me shocking news. “Your friend, he passed away hours after you regained consciousness…” I stared at the doctor stupidly. “I’m sorry. He had some serious problems with his respiratory system, and had breathing complications. There was nothing we could do. He asked me to give you this after you recover.” He reached into his pocket and pulled out an envelope.

With trembling fingers, I reached out and opened the envelope. Inside it was a photo, and at the back of it wrote:

That night of accident, I was on the way to the hospital in the ambulance, and I saw your car drive off the road and into the big drain. I asked the ambulance to bring you also. I’m sorry for not telling you earlier, but I didn’t want you to get worried. I loved you before, and I still do. Unfortunately, I have to go earlier. This is a photo we took years ago. I am glad to have known you as a friend .Anyway, Sayonara~

Your dear friend, Shinozawa Hikari.

I stared at the message blankly. So that time when I regained consciousness… was the last time I saw him, and talked to him. With tears once again, I held the photo close to my heart and whispered: “And I am glad to have you as my dear friend… Without you, I would not live today— ” and the tears came in streams, unstoppable, uncontrollable…

That photo, the last photo from him, is the very photo in the frame that lies on my desk…


So how?

DEDICATED TO TCY-FISH, YOU KNOW. (most likely YOU don’t know who.)

I will post the chinese version, which is shorter, after I get back my essay book from Teacher Rwan…

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  1. erm... thanks my dear... i can handed it to chinese form ... i will try my best... n let win... ^^
    thank you for ur helping ~
    I really love u very much ... Muackkx..

    your friend'


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