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Thursday, June 11, 2009

The Nature

The evening sun
Shining on the land,
Casting streaks of red, gold, Blue
The wind is huffing
The bird are singing
What a wonderful day, it is!

The wind then howled
In anguish and pain
The birds all shied
Away in fear,
Storm is coming,
Run! We fear!

The sky turned dark and
Clouds came fast
Grey and angry, full of mad
In abundance they came fast
Hiding the sun in their rush

Thundercloud came,
King of all
Black, Big ferocious and all
He got mad and began to shout
A flash- lit up the dark-grey sky.

Sky got fright and began to cry
Torrents of teardrops, Big and small
Please stop shouting! Cried out loud~
I am frightened, that is all!

Soon all calmed,
All tempers gone,
Sky felt better and cried no more.
The wind then whistled happily
Luring wee birds out to see.

The sun was glowing once again
Slowly it went down to sleep
Hiding behind the mountain folds,
Creating silhouettes as she goes

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