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Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Starting my holiday.. ARGH!! FIRE!!!


After Geography exam,i come home. My brother told me a shocking news.

"Jie, the house almost burn down!"

I was stunned... Accordingly:

Mummy was cooking beans, when she had to go pick up My brother from kindee. While she was away, the pipe of the gas tank came loose and caught fire..... Of course, it was fire-flaming blue flame everywhere... And everything caught fire. GOOD THING the stove was outside the house~

Then the neighbours smelled some burn smell, and came to see. They sort of like, panicked and tried to putout the fire with water. Failed. Then one neighbour happened to hv a fire extinguisher. They used it. FIRE OUT..

After that i came home... and the whole evening was spent cleaning.. xooo tired.

At night we went to UM's Auditorium to see the concert by The Canticle singers... Dame nice singing...


spent days cleaning, replacing broken windows, tiling, watever else... So tired..

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