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Tuesday, June 9, 2009

A Weird Dream

Last Night, I had a dream... I t was really really funny and weird, so i decided to share it..

It was the holidays, and our class had a camp. Some progrom or camp, i dunno what. Any way, the school had a hotel (at the side of Block A and B) and a cafeteria. Suprising. Everyone had hotel rooms, 4 to each room. Then on the first morning, i came down to the school cafe, which was attached to the hotel. The cafe had buffets for breakfast. Anyway, i sat down and ate. Halfway through, yimay came up looking upset.

"Why da grumpy face?" i asked.
"Sue Anne won't talk to me. Since she came outta the lift, she'd been talking to Shanmugam... Then when i wanted to ask her something, she just shusshed me and snapped at me..."
"Oh... ah ya, nevermind la... One of another badday.."
"I mind."
"ok ok, i'll find out and see what's goin on..."

After clearing up, i went over to Shan's Table... No Shan there... Ah well i then walked out to the lobby are and flopped on the sofa. I saw shan sitting on the floor looking confused. I asked him, "What's up just now?"
He just wiped his brow. Really, he looked like there was an important stuff up.

"Uh.... I was asking Sue Anne for help on sewing..." I nearly puked. Sewing? He continued on, "goviind blew a hole in he's trouserz. And he only got one pair. I messed up Sue Anne's instructions and broke the needle and she got mad at me cos she, like, repeated How-to-sew-topic 4 or 5 times." LOL! I wonder at this part did i laugh in my sleep? After all, my mum says i often do so.

Anyway, after breakfast was KH...Everyone grabbed their bags from theor rooms and headed to... I dunno where. I was following Angela. She went to some classrroom sumwhere i dunno..

Anyway, I went to a class at the end of Block A, third floor. everyone was already seated, doing some kinda test paper. There were 2 teachers, Fauziah, and Johana. I wonder why Pn. Fauziah... It should be Pn. asiah. Then i took a seat behind Jhen. in front of Jhen, was Xing Min, in front of Xing Min was the black board. next to her was Yi Ling, Behind Yi Ling was YiMay, behind Yimay was Jon, which was next to me. The class was so silent, only scribbling sounds were heard.

Suddenly, Yi Ling and Xing Min laughed like mad cows. That was kinda weird, then Jon started too. what was weirder, Syed, who was behind me started ha-ha-ing away. Then Pn. Fauziah stood up from her desk and said something like: "Eh, kenapa ni? Masa exam pun bergelak-gelak!" Then izzati (in front of teacher) snorted. Pn. Fauziah started laughing like a.... a.... I dunno what. After that, i dunno what happened. I can't remember! I was something bout ahLing and ah Teh and Ngui......

Nevermind, wen i remember i'll write it down. You know, you brain does an auto-erase after you wake up....

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