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Wednesday, July 8, 2009

3XG : Chapter 1

Once upon a time…

Wait wait, maybe I’ll give this story a name first. Let’s see… I know! I’ll call this story X-Men! No no no, it doesn’t suit, and the name’s already been taken. How about X-Girls? Yep, more suitable. Why not add a number 3 in front, since this story is about 3 girls? Fine, I’ll call this story 3XG. Now where was I?

Once upon a time there were three girls. One stayed in Twelve (a town), Bandyr,one that stayed in Two, Bandyr, and one that stayed in Lilo, Cow Dung (Eh that's a place, OK!). Eh eh! What cow dung? I must’ve gotten it wrong. Oh, I remember, it’s not Cow Dung but Coon Dung. Did I spell it correct? Coon Dung or Kundang i don't know.

These 3 girls (I'm sure you can guess who), are common girls, they go to school, eat sleep, play, study, online... What else? Just everything that common people do. Simple common. If only I was right.

But who knows what is to come?

(To be continued in Chapter 2 of 3XG)

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