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Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Blog Break Over!

See la, so busy until dear Blog becomes obsolete.. Anyway, a general update:

Sunday 21/6

In Kuantan. Took approx 5 hrs to reach there(on Friday), up Gohtong Jaya and down again. Beaches all dame nice. Waves could be as tall as Jia Qian (6ft) during the Monsun Seasons. Celebrated Fathers Day. Started journey home at about 3pm after church. On the way, while passing by Bukit Tinggi, had a car accident. Car spinned 90 anticlockwise, rear-left smushed into the stone divider, rebounded back clockwise 2 and half spin… And all the while the car was spinnning on two whels (car tilted). Good thing didn’t flip. Or I won’t be in school for at least a week.

Hypothesis: Probably some un-bertanggungjawab ppl smeared oil on the road, caused it suddenly started spinning without cause. Why? Because th Mr. Police of Bkt Tinggi acted very FISHY. Something’s up. Corruption. Sigh, reached home late. No! I still haven’t read Sejarah Merdeka Bab, havent write Zhong Kai, haven’t write essay… THE JOY…


Read Breakind dawn, last part where they challenge the Volturi in big numbers. My favorite part.

Read ‘Deeper’ lent by Jhenanie. So sad…. Caleb, Will’s his brother died.. killed by Rebecca….. Sarah Jerome came back!!!! Drake is amazingly still alive!!! Rebecca has a twin! She’s a evil cruel Styx!....... Jhenanie must buy the 3rd book, Free fall, In order for me to finish reading the Tunnels Adventure…

Read my FIRST CHINESE BOOK in my life (more than a 100 pg). Goes by the title 55年. Dame nice… genre is Science-fiction. Love it.

Read my SECOND Chinese book. The second to 55 years book, 在醒来之后. Dame dame nice also…. Looooove it….. And they lived happily ever after, except for Poor Mr. 背大锅 that lost his beloved wife.Music class, sight reading. Things that keep swimming around my head: 几维鸟,Will Burrows, 宝贝,Sarah Jerome,上原空,Styx,珍珠,Limiters,徐若宣,Drake, Elliot兔子, 土星船。。。

Went to MUSIC MART in PJ somewhere to practice for the performance concert at KLCC at next Friday. I’m playing a duet titled You Raise Me Up.

Report day. Had fun. Stupid Surat Aku Janji. Gooooood thing I didn’t sign it.

Went church, had lunch. Did homework, wrote stories, sleep.

Finished the 十月book. Sad la, his mother died… His fake mum… Anyway, they all lived happily ever after in the end. Nearly cried while reading a certain part.
School. Lam KY slipped, fell, had his arm grazed, had his left body muddy & dirty. Poor cock.

Started 4th CHINESE BOOK!! 七天… What’s this, a reading mania ah?

What else? Oh ya, whole two weeks, wrote and continued the stories I wrote halfway:
>3 Ikhlas, the Class
>Live and Hope
>Summer(requested by ah ling)

Crazy right? Writing three stories one shot…
Don’t worry I’m still sane. Just bursting with ideas.

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