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Saturday, July 18, 2009


Today is that Chinese Society Talent show.

To me, everyone, except a few people, looks like they have overdone their makeups. Anyway, it was OK. Why didn't i say 'GOOD'? Because,

1. The sound system wasn't balanced. Bass and Treble.
2. Echoes were horrendous. Blame the cement walls.
3. Distracted. People were walking, talking, screaming, laughing all throughout the show.
4. Lightings were weird. I dunno why.
5. The smoke came put at the wrong time. (some)
6. The MC's talk a LOT...................... Can't think of anymore


Thanks and Grats to all the performers. Y'all tried yer best. Keep it up


>YI LING!! You look.... Weird! Bizarre! Funny! Dooper!... and also, . so don't worry.

> MY NAME IS NOT 大提琴 or 陈秀秀! My name is 陈秀琴 lah... so to those ppl that mix up my name, DON'T.

What else ah?
Oh ya, pictures. will post it some day some time.

梦之旅, 勇敢迈进,有风无阻~

Don't sing the song that yimay concocted. Got wat Shino Shino in side. Neh!! She, ah TEH, and Kath lah... Gila gila 'wu see kang' do crap.

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