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Monday, July 6, 2009


There once was a man named Luke Gerald. He has a son, and a wife. He works at a train station. What does he do there? Well, he controls the levers that switches the train tracks (those type that splits up in a Y). The rail of the train, is on a bridge above the river. High up. Like the LRTs in KL. High, high up. And his little control room, is next to the Track. Well, maybe you’ve heard this one before, but if you haven’t, here it goes.

One evening,

Luke sat back in the chair, gazing at the distant shapes of the grey buildings. The last train would be reaching anytime soon. He checked the Automatic Track Switcher button and made sure the settings were correct. An inch of miscalculation would send the train off the track, charging down, down into the river that would cost many lives.


Far away, the horn of the Light Rail Transit could be heard. He wrinkled up his eyes to watch the distant train grow larger and clearer as it came nearer. He reached over to the SWITCH button and tapped it.

Luke stared at the screen. Error? He panicked. There is no time to lose, the train would be reaching the intersection in about 30 seconds.

“Looks like the Automatic isn’t working well. I must hurry over to the Manual switch under the Track,”

Luke hurried down the iron steps and made his way towards the Manual Lever. The safety of the train depended on this man’s strength.

The train rumbled closer.

Suddenly, Luke heard a voice that turned his blood cold.

“Daddy? Where are you?”

His son! His 5 year old son was looking for him! The little boy had went to the Control Room to look for his daddy. After finding he wasn’t there, the little boy had started to cross the rail track.

Luke’s first thought was to shout “SON, GET OFF THE TRACK!” but he didn’t, because his little son was in the middle of the track, and he knew those little feet could not make it in time. Wait, there’s still a chance to save the little boy.

Luke’s first instincts were to run to the top of the track, and snatch his little boy to safety. But then... He had to stay and push the lever. Many lives depended on him. He knew he would not make it in time back to the lever after saving his little son. What more, this is the last train—the train with the most passengers aboard...

Son or Train, son or train. Who should he save? He was in a dilemma.

“Daddy, I can’t find you!”

The train rumbled closer. It was 8 seconds away.

Luke made a decision. He released a sigh and released all his strength on the Lever. The track clicked and locked. Luke closed his eyes. Tight. The train rumbled past him.

“I’m sorry, son,” whispered Luke in a barely audible voice. He felt tears streaming down his cheeks.

That evening, no one on the train or elsewhere noticed a downcast man clinging to Lever under the track. Nor did they noticed a lifeless, red-stained body of a 5 year old flying off the track and down, down in the waters of the river.

No one also noticed the downcast figure of a man walk home ever so slowly, to tell his wife how he had sacfificed their only son to save all the 200+ people on the train...

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