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Friday, June 24, 2011

Grade 8 Piano Over!

It was held at PJ Hilton Hotel, as usual. 4pm. Thursday the 23rd, July 2011. A day to remember. And I wore high heels for the first time. And sprained my ankle twice in one hour. XD

I flunked my Ab Melodic Minor! ARGH!
*That's the first thing that shouts in my mind*

And I played in the wrong arpeggio inversion!
*That's the second thing that screams*

And I started on F# for F# Dominant 7th!!
*That's the third thing that yells*

Alright, that's about the exploding part. Oh yes, and I went through Aural Test in a blur. (Emotionally disturbed after the scales!). Sigh, what a beautiful world.

Tadaa! The waiting room. Daddy and I waited there. Hmm. A room with tension in the air. I arrived around 20 minutes earlier. And so to keep myself calm and keep my nerves in my fingers, I fetched my camera and went around snapping pictures while listening to my MP3. A really effective way to calm myself down. Oh yeah, and I drank 2 glasses of water in 15 minutes and went to toilet 4 times. A coommon thing I do when i'm nervously excited.

FInally the "somebody" called my name. Gracious Lord, help me! Blankly I headed for the exam room. The examiner was Mrs. Rossyln Farren-Price, an elderly, humourous Australian-born lady. Mama mia! Just look at all her Music degrees and experiences! Just looking at the description makes me want to swallow a tub of nails. My, oh my.

Cold fingers, cold toes.

(Click it to see it bigger)

The 3 pieces went rather okay, despite some slips and slides. And the other elements? LOL. After the exam, the examiner chatted with me for about 5 minutes. What a surprise. Are they supposed to do that? But anyway, I enjoyed the short interesting chat. Maybe i'll type it down one day. Now exam's over. Tension's over. But weirdly, aww.... I miss the exam!


Thank God it's over!
All praise & glory be to Him!

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