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Monday, June 13, 2011

Midterm - Back to School!

The first phrase that I heard from the teacher (disiplin teacher) early in the morning prefect's meeting was...

"Welcome to the next half of the year! The first half was tough. And this next half will be tougher."

School feels like a dream.
I feel drunk with sleepiness
The main thought today is,

I started this sleepy day with a race to finish 4 essays in 2 hours. The Moral Folio essays. And I did. Wheeeet! First time in my life! What a weird breakthrough. After that I felt like crashing and, as I said earlier, I felt extremely tired, not to forget the whanging headache that I had.

Luckily the teachers did not really teach stuff, excpt for Biology. And for the first time in Six months, I actually listened attentively during Bio. NOT because the topic was The Reproductive System, but because it was a new Bio teacher. Why a new teacher? Simple. Because I changed class. Why did I change class? Because a new class 5 Sejahtera was created, and students were re-shuffled and rearranged.

So! I'm back to Science 2, again.
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Back to the multiple raced class with plenty of new people to observe. New timetable, new seats, new class (that is quite far away and dusty). Like last year, there were no ex-3Ikhlas students, again. But I felt a leeeetle different. Well well, sadly I don't know what's different!

Hati sudah mati ke? No feelings meh? Got laaa...

I miss the old kids at 5 Sejati. Again. The old familiar faces and voices. Heh. At least now i've got a new target & goal. To chase after them! Grrrr. Oh, and for the first time, I didn't get an A for addmaths. B? Weeeeeeeee! Surprise! XD

WAAARGH! Beware, alien's anger aroused!

Oh yes, back to Bio. I'd say that teacher is quite good. Spermatogenesis and Oogenesis. Yes. I still remember clearly. Haploid, Secondary oocyte, tubules. First time this year that I clearly remember the day's lesson. Woot! Then there's this super enthusiastic BM teacher Puan Wan Norliza (my form 3 Geo teacher). She's quite... firm yet playful. Interesting.

Ah Teh! 爱死你啊!!

Thanks once again for your spurlicious slice of cheese cake. Oh yeah, and that notebook's really cute! 用爱心做的蛋糕?LOL! 还下毛雨。我又刚睡醒。你还跑过来在门外拿着雨伞送来... an interesting atmosphere.


What an interesting combination of events.

On this first day of the midterm.

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