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Saturday, June 4, 2011

Summer (Chapter 2) - The Journey

Read the previous ones if you haven't or forgotten what is was about! Enjoy on! Forgive my Chinese Errors... (english grammar errors was done purposely, though)

Chapter 1 - Winds Of Holidays
Chapter 1 - Winds of Holidays (Part 2)
Chapter 2 - Long time No See

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敏而好学,不耻下问。” said Yimay in the car.

荥敏好学,不耻下问…”mumbled Ah Ling dizzily.

That’s the名句that came out in the exam,”

Haiyo, don’t talk about exam exam laa,” replied Ah Teh while steering the wheel.

Why not?” asked Ah Ling and Yimay curiously.



Ah Teh paused for a moment.

No B, No C, No D...No E...”


Ah Teh grinned sheepishly. “9A one B ah…”

Fu-yoh, Grandmother got almost straights,”



Ok ok ok change topic, don’t want say already, ok?”

Fine then, consider topic changed... Eh, Butterworth Exit!” exclaimed Yimay. The car swerved left to exit.

You want go Penang right? Why exit Butterworth?” asked Ah Ling.

因为因为…Ah ya, I don’t know how to say.” Mumbled Ah Teh.

The car approached the toll booth, and headed for the Touch N Go lane. Suddenly, Yimay made an exclamation that was totally out of mind.

Look, 50 Ringgit on the floor!”

All heads turned to look… including the driver. Finding that the car must slow down in order to swipe the Touch N Go card, Xing Min exerted pressure on the brake, HARD.

No, wait, a mistake! She didn’t step on the brake. She actually ‘stomped’ on the ACCELERATOR instead. The car surged forward and the distance between the booth-bar and the car was closing in.


Luckily, Xing Min tugged the handbrake just in the nick of time. The car jerked to a stop with the bar just a few centimeters in front of the windscreen. She heaved a sigh.

Walao… Grandmother…” said Yimay while wiping her brow, “I wonder how on earth did you pass your driving exam, Yi Ling was beside her, hugging her bag tightly, speechless.

“Beep…” The computer acknowledged the card. The car moved on.


Ferry,” Ah Ling suggested. Yimay objected.


Faster make up your minds.”

Ferry lah

Fine then, after all the bridge exit is before Butterworth.”

Minutes later, the car went on the ferry. Once the ferry was out at sea, everyone got out of their cars. Yimay rubbed her eyes that were red due to lack of oxygen and took a deep breath.

Fresh air...”

No, is salt air,” replied Yi Ling, grammar weird as usual. “Where’s Ah Min?

Goodness knows...”

Yi Ling glanced around and spotted her tall friend looking out at the sea at the side of the ferry, seemingly deep in thought. Yi Ling sneaked up beside her.


Ah Teh blushed, “没有啦

Yi May strolled over. “Where on earth are we going to stay? Cititel ah? I brought not a sufficient amount of cash, you know,


Got enough space meh?”



Three of them stood there at the side of ferry, enjoying the sea. The gentle sea breeze playfully played with their hair, and the ferry rocked gently. Yimay broke the silence.

Try, you both, take a guess, what is the speed of the Angin Sumatera that blows between May and September.”

哪个不是Form 3的咩?”questioned Ah Ling.

我都忘了”. Ah Teh complained

That’s your problem. Just guess.”

800km/h? something like that,”


LOL! If it were that fast all the buildings would have been blown away. A Hurricane’s speed is only 200km/h... Its 80km/h laa...

Xing Min adjusted her glasses. “Ya ya ya... I know your geography very good one,

Minutes later, as the ferry approached the jetty, the three girls scrambled back into the car.

Don’t step on the wrong pedal, okay? I don’t want to be soaked in salt.

Xing Min smiled. “Ah May,你放心,”

After then we go in sea and water come in the car,”

Grammar error lah Grandmama! Afterwards the car plunge into the sea, causing water to fill the car and—“



Yimay grinned sheepishly and her braces reflected the sunlight.

(To be cont.)

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