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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

After SPM Plans

GAAAH. The first thing after SPM is YLDP camp, then Christmas in Vietnam. Then at the head of January, it's either [Jeremiah School]... or National Service (PLKN). My goodness.

I was literally "no-reponse" when I saw my name on the list. I spent 2 days trying to get into the website and they show me a TAHNIAH. Wow. Wonderful sarcasm. Should I rejoice or vomit in disgust? XD

17 deaths, hundreds sick, countless accidents and no one to stand up.

3 months, 720 hours, 43200 minutes,2592000 seconds wasted learning moral values that we should have already learnt from busting our asses memorizing more than 40 definitions (word for word) in Pendidikan Moral at school.

RM2.2 Billion in just 4 years, or about 2% of Malaysia's current GDP spent on a program that supposedly brings out the best in people.

Call to arms via learning how to use the M-16, a clear defiance of what defines of what the UN calls 'basic human rights'

That is the true face of NS. (Based on one ex-NS student's comment). Hahahah! Sounds fun, but still, something like a waste of time. Anyway. Jeremiah School cannot be postponed, so NS will somehow, have to go. Heh. Anyway, January and March will most likely be gone, so after that will be back to school!

First, there's the Music Diploma that my teacher wants me to take.... Trinity College of Music LTCL Performance Diploma. No ABRSM! Ngeheheh. That one's not a big problem as I can self-study it and just go for a 1-hour exam, performing 3 pieces. Cello or Piano LTCL? No idea. Will see which one I like.

To cancel off things and make my mind less headache-ish, I shall clarify. Law is a definite no-no. Doctor is no-no. Accounting is no-no. Business is no-no. And I don't know what occupation i'll do next time. Astronaut? LOL. [Astrophysics college]. Hahaha.. But the expenses are waaaay to high. Hence, no-no.

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Now, to the main one. Most likely I'll try to get in the Methodist College KL and do A-Levels. because there's that special scholarchip thing for Christians. Maybe July intake? Maybe Physics, Bio, Mathematics, and Psychology? And then maybe to UK or US?

Fuhh! Yimay you're going to do the AUSMAT there riiiiiite? Hannah you're going there too, riiiite? XD

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THEN, there's the alternate but probably-not HELP Institute. Zzz. Same. Maybe Physics, Bio, Mathematics, and Psychology? Then I can take Multimedia Graphics also. XD

Then just for interest, maybe the ONE academy after A-Levels or Arts Foundation next time. Heheheh. Graphics & animations. And then the Movie-making-video-filming thingy. Hmm. This or [LimKokWing] one. These two are more of Creative Arts Foundations & Degrees.

Let's say scholarchips suddenly intrude, or I fail my SPM, then the plan might change. Let's say there's some financial problem, and there's no scholarships, then I shall do my Form 6 back in school, write short novels, stay at home. Audition and join the Malaysian Philharmonic Youth Orchestra with my Cello.

Or temporarily work in the new Jusco opposite my house. OR I'll go do mission in Long Lamai Village (Sarawak) and stay there for months. Teach tuition in exchange for food & lodging.


Remember, this is only a draft-plan. Most likely it will twist and change, but whatever the future may be....
God, please guide me~

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