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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Art Folio Day!

Last night.
Was Marathon 1 to complete my Art Folio.
Was Marathon 2 in school.

Thanks to the 'light & free' Tuesday schedule, I could go to the Art Room and do my Art Folio... the whole noon and morning. There were 14 artworks to draw and one 3D card to make. And the title was....

Jagalah Alam Sekitar.

In total I drew 6 hands, 12 Cats, 24 Butterflies and 77 Tulip flowers. I made a scattered mess of the dining table until 2 am. I created a loads of junk paper cuttings and finished my new bottle of glue.

And the product after hours of stained-green hands......?

(Click on the images to view them bigger!)

My first Handmade 3D card!

The side view. The three patches are so cacat. It wasn't in my original plan. But anyway, they're there on teacher's command.

This is my favourite scene.
A zoom-up picture of the card.

The Butterfly Kisses the Cat.

Hmm. One more thing. While I was peacefully glueing the objects in the school's Art Room, some smart person threw a colour pencil which (accidentally) hit the left-top of my head . MY GOODNESS! It was stinging like crap! I had no idea whether there was blood or not because my eyes obviously can't see up there. But i'm sure the pencil didn't poke right into my brain! XD

Bloody Pencil.

So anyway. I clenched my teeth and continued glue-ing. If I knew who that human was, I would've pounded him with my glue-bottle! GAAAARGH! It still stings. Wild people. Whatcha expect? Lol. XD

(Lukisan Realistik & Hasil Illustrasi dan Mukataip)

All was done with Alpha Watercolours, Buncho poster colours, Magic Markers, FaberCastell colour pencils and Artline Black Art Marker.

(Kajian Warna)

The dear gracious art teacher Pn Jamaliah gave us late-stayers one more day. Dateline extended! Yay! now I can do some more touch-ups and finalize the project.

Cacat hands that are outta shape! XD

Last-minute art folio is fun, but hectic!

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