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Saturday, July 23, 2011

Prefects. PRS. Librarians.

There was this so-called motivational "ceramah" for the prefects in school today. It started at 7am and ended at 1pm. Luckily it was not a "dark-Mr. Greystone" facilitator guy, you know, the kind that makes you do sesat things and love to see kids cry and suffer.

In my view, that kind of way isn't motivational It's kind of de-motivational for me. They make people FEEL IT by doing drastic things to them and well, give everyone a kind crying time, turn a new face and comfort them at the end & make it memorable. Many bodies, and camps, use that kaedah. Kaedah Konflik Mental dan Fizikal, one of those Psychological ways.

Anyway. I do NOT like that method. I'd rather a peaceful, fun, ans tiring one. LOL. That's why I try to stay out of School Camps and go more for TRAC camps. Heh heh heh. So far I have managed to evade them all. Wait... I wonder... What kind of Method will PLKN use to instill those 'lessons' in their cadets?

Today talk was done by some guy with the letter Z in his name. It was fun and okay. We did 4 games in approximately 5 hours. And the kids broke the High School record of the MAths Game, with a record of 127! *Applause for them* And the Tangled game was... Sesat. The Paper thingy too.

All in all...I'm lovin' it! (despite my sleepyhead)

Speaking of prefects, the Meeting will be held next thursday, and the New Comittee will be elected. Which also means, we Form 5 seniors will retire after that. YAY! Awesome.

(LOL this is the most sesat picture if made so far)
PRS = Peer Counselor

I'm a Prefects by duty
A PRS by nature
And a librarian by heart

... But yet....
I've always wanted to be a carefree normal student

In months I won't have to wear a highschool uniform ever again.

History is about to change.

- cheeky smile -

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