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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

The Teacher's Mind

Today was freakingly tiring. Why? Because there was this School Concert Rehearsal the whole day. This is bad. Really really bad. I missed Bio class! AND addmaths! Plus my feet aches. The electric guitar is extremely heavy, you know!

After all the practices, I went back to class. Just in time for the last two periods, Physics. The first Physics period, teacher didn't come in. And so we listened while Zhi Qin did a story-telling competition speech. And it was ridiculously funny! At first she couldn't stop laughing. She said a phrase and then bent over laughing. For us others round the table, i'd say we had laughing-stomachaches too!

Then teacher entered. After talking about Fleming's Left-hand rule and everything, she went negatively emo. So she sat down on our table. And told us that if we don't concentrate.. we can get out of class. What? I was concentrating lah! Oh. She wasn't talking about me. She was talking about the whole class in general...

Physics is so easy right? Easier than PJK and Sivik, kan?

My goodness. Her dense sarcasm is so heavy, and she said is so calmly, which is kinda frightening. SO we ended up spending the last 20 minutes chatting with the dear Physics teacher (who's just back from her pregnancy leave). Turns out she's worried of us. VERY worried. And she doesn't know what to do. She says the old Bio teacher feels the same.

They care for their students. So much. But they don't know what to do.

They try to show care in their not-very-appealing way, and end up getting called THE BOTHERSOME-LOUSY teacher by most students. They struggle to teach, but somehow, the aren't so good in communicating the lesson. The students happily do their own work and talk.

Oh, dear, dear negative-minded caring teacher, don't think so much! Just keep on teaching, don't give up on us, though we might not listen all the time! Well, at least, don't give up on me, because I have no tuition and hence I MUST learn during school hours! Oh well. Anyway. Hope teacher was kind-of encouraged after we chatted with teacher.


For the first time this year, I felt the teacher's heart. And maybe had a peek into their thoughts. Especially these kind of High-C teachers.

The kind of teachers that people find boring & bothersome.

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