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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Monday Tuesday Air

Today and yesterday, were more or less "free" days, if i could call it that.

On Monday the Watikah Pelanitkan Pengawas was held, officially activating the new Prefects Comittee. Zzz. And the assembly lasted extra long. Aching feet!

Then after recess some talk on the Application for matrikulasi was held and most of my dear classmates went for it. Zzz. so for the whole two periods of Biology yours sincerely and two others spend time in the lab chatting with the lovable Bio teacher Puan Yusmanita.

We talked about.. a whole bunch of things with random topics, and I learned quite a lot! Things that I never knew before. Things of the past and future. Woot! Love you, teacher!

Tuesday was more or less a free day too. The Islam students had some program in the hall that lasted the whole day, and hence half the class was gone, again. The Islam ceramah's music (yes, they had music) and voices were so loud, that we could hear it clearly though our class was on top of the hill of classrooms.

So apart from the set of Maths paper, we didn't study anything that day. How wonderful. or should I say how terrible, since SPM is approximately 90 days away? Hahahahas..

As for today, it's a holiday thanks to the Nuzul al-Quran thingy. I had a quite disturbed sleep last night, thanks to super-annoying mosquitoes that made my long-anticipated resting time miserable for the first half. I covered my whole vody with my blanket, and it frenzied around my head instead. Oh, man.


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