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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

SPM : Friend or Foe?

FINALLY! After days of sheer stubbornness of a disconneted internet, it connects! Hmmm. I'm receiving FarmVille gifts from Pn. Surina, the Physics teacher...? 0.o

Alright, enough of random thoughts. Back to topic.

It's approximately 90 days' step away.
Some are really hitting books,
Or AT LEAST trying to.
Sadly, some are still in a relaxed mode.
(Like me)

What do you view SPM as?

A irritable ludicrous insolent thing
That eats your time
Crams teachers down your throat
Tie mental knots in your brain
Pushes you for seas of tuitions
Makes you face endless equations and numbers
Depletes you of precious sleep
Pressurize you like a little brain-cooker
Makes you memorize things that you find boring
Kills your fun & computer time
Gives you only A's or F's as the ending reward
Makes your parents nag ABCDE at you

If that's how you view SPM, 
Strike back at SPM.
HIT the books.
You know what? SPM hates A's.
It defies you to get it.
So grab it with all your might.
And make the SPM paper flinch.

What do you view SPM as?

A fun, mind-boggling challenge
To test your hidden powers
To acquire the knowledge of the world
To enjoy the beauty of numbers
To enlighten your future
To credit you with rewards for your hardwork
To bring happiness to people around you

If that's how you view SPM,
Then cherish it. 
Once it's done you will have no more of it.
You will miss it like you miss UPSR.
Give it your best, 
Not because of the Grades it rewards
But because of the knowledge that you gain
In the process of chasing your dreams

Regardless whether you view SPM as a friend or foe,
You still will suceed if you work hard.
But the catch is...
You will have to work 10x harder
If you view SPM as your foe!

So why choose the hard way?
Do it easy & smart!

Let's fly! =D

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