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Saturday, August 27, 2011

Why this. Why.

You in your twisted pools of ideas
Minds controlled by goodness what
A long or short term gain?

What's the point?
The words of the land must be kept
But not till the extend
Of forsaking the new and young!

The current forces of globalisation
Leave out,
and you'll be surely left out

Some of my Form 5 classmates
Can't even spell Maintenance
What has the system been doing?
Why make matters worse?

A twist of fate
The young ones will befall
Satu tolak satu jadi kosong
Termokimia dan hemoglobinnya

Lowering the standard yet, again
Go back to your Zaman Merdeka!
Go back to you Zaman Kegemilangan Melaka!
You'll be perfectly happy there.
Go! Go!

History never repeats the same way twice.
Learn from the past, 
or you're condemned to repeat it.
So why swim around in circles of old water?

Mr. Chulalongkorn from Thai. 
Look. Learn. Listen.

Smart he was, Dr. M
And you, lover boy?
Heh. Huh.
All the best crawling through holes in cyberspace
Living the real dream of 2020.

If you ever find it.

English, dear.
I mourn the woes that befall you in this wonderful country.

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