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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Thinking Chocolate

Today was THE Additional Mathematics (aka Addmaths) paper. A paper that is very easy and very hard. I had hoped that I can rejuvenate my keen-ness for this subject. I used to love it. And I managed to re-love it again after doing a incredibly hard Model Paper and SPM Trial Paper (thank God!). I just hope it loves me too! XD

Before the exam, Mei Fen offered some chocolates around. I grinned and picked one out of the plastic bag. And yes, I ate the chocolate during the exam. 

I'm not sure whether it was my magination or what, but I managed to calculate faster and spot errors that I made. And for the first time I managed to finish paper 2 with 45 minutes left, and had time to do 2 extra questions.

OMG I thought my watch was wrong. The paper was definitely, puzzling-ly challenging. Definitely God's grace. Did the chocolate help? 0.o

Blacks and Whites

Come to think of it, chocolate does contain glucose that our dear brain need, especially when it is fully functioning to solve mathematical problems. Also, legend has it that chocolates can make people happy and non-emo. Really? LOL. How nice if it were true.


Thank you God and thank you again. 
I hope errors don't abound. I don't wanna fail, you know. XD HAHAHAHA

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