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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Iced Rain & Coco Craze

Ice ice, baby, it's raining mini-ice bits!
Or hail, as we would scientifically call it.
Luckily it was merely the size of fingernails and not ice-balls,
Or we'd have plenty of smashed windows around.

Also, the Form 5 students are in a turmoil of Getting-Co-Curriculum-Marks frenzy. Not a wonder, because you need these eeny-weeny marks for Colleges and all that.

Most of the kids didn't check their previous years' marks, so they were shocked when they saw the overalls in the report book. Following suit, they would go see the teachers in charge to debate and reason and whatever. Hence, the frenzy.

Many also regretted not joining competitions (though it seemed lame) and not coming for short Club meetings after school. Hmm.

I sincerely salute those teachers with no headaches.

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