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Friday, March 2, 2012

Failed Debater

When it comes to debating or arguing, I'm bad at it. A slow thinker! So I often get speechless. But when i'm about to sleep at night, my brain processes the day and suddenly I'll jump up from my bed with THE REPLY that has the power to make the other person shut up. Then i'd whack myself on the head and say, "Aiyo, I should've thought of that and said that earlier." Same goes for discussions.

The only thing that I can think up on-the-spot is, Music, and Nonsense (lame stuff). Hence i'm no lawyer, just a lawyer bodoh that can debate with non-logical things that can make people speechless.


Speaking of debates, today I got to meet up with two fellow debaters, dear Yimay and SueAnne. Literally I-D people! SuPing came as well! Yimay was quite late as she had a Math Test at noon in MCKL. Hence the long train ride home. She was emo-ing over her 9-marks-gone Maths paper. Luckily food cheered her up!

And food. It was a hard time deciding which shop to eat in Aeon. We walked the High Class Jonker Stretch of Secret Recipies, Pizza Hut, Nandos, Starbucks, Wendy's, Madam Lim many times but failed to choose a shop. And Yimay was getting hungrier and grumpier and emo-er. Finally we dumped our butts in Nandos and ate a frightfully expensive post-lunch meal.

A happy Yimay

Caught up on latest news back in SMKTD and MCKL! Oh yes, and a stomach-full Yimay is a happy and mentally 'light' Yimay. She banged her head on the chair, and did more funny weird stuff. JAPAN! SHE BROUGHT SOME JAPAN ANIME MERCHANDISE! YAAAAAY! Wakakaka. Love 'em all cuties!

Spent the next two hours walking around Bookstores and eating snacks that was pleasing to the eye and stomach. Finally we (Yimay, SueAnne, Ah Ping, MeiYing and I) sat down in the food court to help Mei Ying with Addmaths. According to her, it's suicidal.

"Go jump from a building la!"
"Ya loh, jump here... (points at the ground floor)."
"No no, no! If you jump from the 10th floor you will be 'Aaaaaaaaaaaah' then 'plop' mati. If you jump here then you will be 'PLOP' then only 'Aaaaaaaaaaaah'.........."
"... (Mei Ying points her lovely fingers in speechlessness)..."

See what I mean?

Some random bird Pose

Nonsense come forth from my mouth.

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