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Sunday, April 1, 2012

To Ellie, April 2012

Dear Ellie...

This letter has crossed the time-stream and took half a year to deliver. Hope you're in the top of health, and still have your sanity. SPM is over, JS is over, SPM results are history, and you're hoping to evade NS. Hmm, and you've probably banged some road cones with the car.

First, about school. I know you miss the good ol' SMK Taman Desa with it's sticky toilets and dusty floors. Oh yes, and all those bittersweetsour teachers. Last but not least, the faces and voices of yourr friends, goodfriends and bestfriends. It's been a while, right? Oh bother the nostalgia.

Don't just sit there drowned in emotions of nostalgia! See that phone there? Go pick it up and call them! See the car outside the window? Go to school and have a chat with those teachers! Oh, and don't forget to bring a little gift.. and some water for tears. and don't forget, Khojiat and Ah Teh's birthday is round the corner.

Distance makes the heart grow fonder, time makes the heart grow colder. So if it's distance plus time? Grow fonder, then cooler. Just a reminder. The only person who will be with you your whole life is youself, and God.


About your SPM results, I don't know, maybe you were disappointed like shit, or delighted like cream. Wait, cream is delightful meh? hey! Back to topic. Whatever is done, is done. No need to mourn or rejoice over spilled milk. It's just a small blip/award. You did your best, because i'm trying now to do my best! But.. sorry lah. I am currently only accompliching 50% of the timetable revision schedule I drew up. Aih. Forgive, me, Ellie!

 Please don't spend all your time on the computer! Go do your music and arts as you/I planned to do. It'll be some time before college starts, anyway. Please don't sleep at 2am at night and wake at 12pm. You'll probably sicken your liver. Just don't let your brain rot after all these years of hardwork, okay? I don't want my brain to rot, and forget how to do those Binomial Distributions or the Double Fertilisation process.

Ah, about Jeremiah School (JS). No doubt you are misssing those newly-acquired brothers and sisters you spent 6 weeks with. Again, I say, go call them! Join the upcoming reunion party or trip. Maybe God has touched or moved your heart to do something with your life or whatever, so listen to His calls, do his will. Heh. Don't forget to do your Morning Devotion!

Have you decided to go Methodist College KL or The One Academy yet? Well, you are interested to join The One Academy, I know. but you are also keen to go MCKL. Well, if you're still in a muddle, go for MCKL. TOA can be done anytime, even when you're 50 years old! If you've made your choice/ new choice, then be committed to it. Don't drop out or skip out!

Come come, now, don't started getting emotional now, just go toilet and release poop and flush. Then wash your hands and drink a cup of water. Oops! I forgot one. Loooooooooove. BGR. Heheheh. I have no comment on this. Just ask God and confirm with him. If you'd ask me, i'm not keen on finding any life-partners yet. Let God provide!

Just a short letter. A reminder.

Yours sincerely

Elizabeth Tan
5 Novembarh 2011

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