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Thursday, May 3, 2012

Sitiawan Crash Invasion Trip

It's not that I haven't been to Sitiawan for a long time, for I was just there a few weeks ago. However, there is a moron there who i'm missing like crazy that will be going off to Kampar in 3 weeks' time. Plus she's going to stop work. So I dragged Khaw along to Sitiawan, to kill many birds with one stone.

Since Khaw has done a more or less complete cover of the Trip, I shall just add a few things she missed and bits here and there form my Camera. But first, read up her two posts by clicking on the thumbnails below!

Day 2

Day 1

It was a hot Monday morning. I have given Nelycia Su her shocking surprise-present wrapped in red, and we were now seated in Beautiful Gate surveying around. Finally Nel calmed down enough to sit down and we exchanged stories with the Aunty of Jeremiah School and Isaiah School. It was interesting and nostalgia-evoking.

Khaw's presence is the best present I guess!

At 11.55am we headed to City Kopitiam for lunch; the place where Nel works as a waitress. We laughed, talked, and observed Nel in her working environment. Caught up with News on Khaw's side and many more random stuff.

Then daddy and Tian came and sat down also. Daddy wanted to test Nel's waitressing skills, and made Nel shy-red and ran away after he jokingly asked, "Aiyok, your shirt so cute! Miss Angry Birds, why so angry?"

Then she started wobbling with a redface and ran away when Khaw fished out the camera to take a video. That was the first part of the video below!

Finally she came back and took orders. Daddy initially ordered ice kacang panas which made poor waitress temporarily have a stunned face. After dropping off our drinks and a stack of serviettes, the shy child vanished round the corner and was not seen again until we asked for the bill much later.

After planning for some supplies for Long Lamai, daddy asked where was the waitress Nel. So Khaw went to call her and Nel just mumbled, "No bill. All paid for." and ran off again. So daddy wrote a note and left some tips which she gave back later (but in the end managed to get it to her).

After shopping in the dry foods store we went back to Nel's house to catch a nap. Khaw got to know her mum and sis as well. After much time trolling around and surfing the net on her computer, we crashed on the bed and slept in the oven of a room. When we got up we started writing letters, notes to sabotage Nel's Trophy cupboard, as you have read in her blogpost. Khaw was sure she would notice it. I strongly said that she wouldn't, the blur child. We'll see how it is later, we agreed.

As you can see in the video above (mash-up of Everlasting God), we spent the rest of the time playing piano and creating noises in her house after her mum called us down to eat some bread for late tea. Had much fun jamming with the Khawsome Pianist!

Dinner was served and Aunty King Lan cooked up many dishes, as usual. We all talked and got to know the other better. Nel crashed in late and inhaled some food then dashed off to bathe, for time was running up and the Nan Hwa Evangelical Night at Sitiawan Wesley was starting already!

Chorale presentation

OMG SO MANY YOUNG PEOPLE! That was the first thought when I stepped into church. I guess I retreated outside to the toilet and bumped into Kenny Har. Nawww! Gave him a hug and exchanged info about MCKL and random stuff. Then we entered the Sanctuary and stood at the back throughout the Service. And some random girl thought I was Kenny's sister! Whaaaaad.

After much loud worship the Chorale presentation was first on the queue. I squashed by some legs and sat next to Khaw. NEL IS SINGING AHAHAHAH! They sang quite a few easter songs and all. Yay! I've always loved choirs, and finally I got to see half of the Sitiawan Wesley one. Heh. Everyone sang with wide big mouths except Nel. But somehow I could tell her fine soft voice among the Aunties. Must be due to the mic right in front of her.

I guess we were both mindblown when Kelvin Har picked up the mic do sing the solo part in the song You Alone Can Rescue. Khaw was going crazy. "His voice is soooooo nice!" Truly, it was not of a normal random boy, it was like some deep-voice singer and all. You can hear it in the video. Heh.

Following was more dancing and sharing. Once particular dance was interestingly cute. Four guys and girls in long blacks danced some dance which made them test their body flexibility. Interesting. Uncle Henry (pastor) did a closing benediction in chinese and the event ended. Supper is served!

Joyful blue shirts

That night after we got home was ridiculous. Nel did not notice the sabo we did, as I expected. She came in, glanced around, and dumped herself on the bed. And when she finally did, she became drunk. Redfaced, wobbly, and giggly. She kept using her blanket to cover her head and Khaw stated "Oh no, we've made her a green-sticker. First the dislike-pork food and now this."

The red-faced child giggled all the more. That night I woke a few times, only to see some quite interestng scenes. Ahahahaha so adorable!

Tuesday morning. After a great deal of gaying and lazing around on the bed, we finally dumped ourselves into Nel's car and headed for Teluk Batik. Like Khaw said, she drives with eyes off the road, hands off the wheel, and foot on the accelerator. Crazy! Then a police stopped her in the middle of a jungle road for the car's number plate on the dashboard had some issues. But after a while we were on our way once again.

The Sea! Memories of weeks at Port Dickson just couldn't help flooding in.

After walking around the beach barefooted and feeling the strong urge to jump into the water, we decided to go on a short Boat Ride. the wind was whooping around and our salt-matted hair was wildly dancing with the wind. The scenery and all was beautiful, but the moment spent together in silence enjoying God's creation was even more beautiful. Together. That's the word.


We ate ice creams and ploppoed ourselves on the sand for the rest of the late morning. Eating and talking. We got to know a teacher Cikgu Rani that was selling ice creams and had a short chat with her as well. Cool.


Feeling sticky, sandy, thirsty and overheated, we went to KFC to have lunch. It took us quite a while to start eating because Nel who was appointed didn't want to pray. We closed our eyes and waited. She started wobbling and giggling whenever we took peeks at her. Khaw jokingly said that she has meditated until she reached the seventh heaven already while waiting for her to start with closed eyes. Nel burst into laughter all the more!

Finally she prayed while eyeing us and we finished lunch. Nel skipped off to buy some papayas for Khaw to eat while I started the car. And mind you, Khaw does NOT like papayas. She freaked out when Nel came back with a slice of papaya in her hand.

"YOU MORON!" was all she could say while laughing.

When we got back to Susu Residence we crashed on the bed and took a nap, all in out salty pants and sticky shirts. Oh dear. I hope the bed doesn't mind! And as usual, humans became pillows to hug and cuddle. Awwww so cute! Khaw is going to murder me for this, man.

I MADE Nel ask her dad about coming with us down South but by then it was really late and last-minuted so she couldn't come along. Nooooooooooo. See Nel I told and TOLD you to ask earlier right from the start lah!

With a heavy heart I stuffed my belongings into my backpack, loaded everything into Nel's car and went to Ahma's house. There we ate some eggrolls, played with the electric bike, explored the compound, talked, loaded the motorbike and sat on the swing. Finally it was time to go.

A common scene, no matter day or night.

Terrible heartache, man. Partings are always the worst! I guess it might be quite a while before we all meet up again! With a last goodbye hug and a distanced wave, we left Sitiawan and headed home.

Khaw read my Journal in the car, and we stopped for dinner at Bidor. Then the clouds sank lower and darker. The sky started to rumble and grumble. Jagged flashes scarred the sky blindingly. Rain pelted the van and made so much noise. Like Khaw said, the sky is crying streaming tears down the van!

A slow, rainy ride home!

It was a rainy ride home at night. How's the weather today? Rainy. Thunderstorm! The external weather relfected my internal weather.

Raining streams.
Sad, heavy dark clouds.
Occasional grumbles of thunder.

The car left Sitiawan.
We left Nel in Sitiawan.
I left a corner of my heart in Sitiawan.

I fell asleep with the hypnotizing rhythms of the rain on the car.

ƒtƒŒƒ“ƒY .mp3
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