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Saturday, June 2, 2012

The First Unique Birthdate

2nd June, a cool day.
Our dear king the Agong blows his candles,
And so does Jiejie Liyen and I. 
And for the first time, it's a public holiday.
And the first time i'm celebrating it in the jungles of Sarawak.

Daddy the mastermind behind it!

The kids were unusually secretive and sprouted into little giggles whenever they saw me.
Then Khaw had the mischievous winkle in her eyes.
Anyway, let's skip time and jump to the night.

I laze to retype it out, so just right-click and open that picture in new tab to read lah. Hahahah.

Thanks to pastor who sort of initiated a cream fight, I had cream on my face! Marks from little fingers. Heh.

All those little kids who sang the birthday song for me and gave their little paper cards! Nawww.

Hahahahahah Khaw you got creamed too! Heh.

It was a cool one, that day.

Le dumbfounded.

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