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Monday, July 30, 2012

Malaysian Studies

One might go, "oh no 3 hours of Sejarah!" when  the timetable comes out. But then... for me...

YAY! It's Malaysian Studies again! Despite the fact that I was unable to get up from bed in the morning let alone walk to school, I went for MS class in the afternoon after dragging myself to see the doctor downstairs. I missed Physics and Math in the morning, and by nature I should miss MS class too. But then I had no idea why I actually bothered to go for MS under the hot noon sun!

I think part of the reason is because I don't wanna lose my precious free 10% marks that comes with a full attendance. The other part, which is the main reason, is because I love Malaysian Studies class. The dear lecturer Mr. Yoshua, with his animated gestured and flailing hands have won me over! He and his lessons never fail to inspire me! And. The facts he presents, the videos, the activities, makes 3 hours feel like 3 minutes.

Some true facts, hidden and covered and censored by our government for years, come bounding out into the open with factual support from international sources! One interesting thing which was heart-vibrating (as I call it) was the incident he talk about in today's topic Malaysia and It's People. Something about ethnicity and all. We also had a hilarious activity where we had to split into our ethinic groups (even sub-groups like Hokkien, Teochow, Cantonese, Hakka) and share some interesting facts about your group and

The 13 May 1969 incident. The true story behind that racial clash. The huge effects it left behind that were never disclosed. Oh, good grief! Disappointment, anger, and sadness, you could almost feel it all if you imagine it in your mind. I won't write more about it here, but i'll detail it out in my dear little Journal. Heh. Ah prejudice. Ah, discrimination. If I remember my Social psychology theories correctly, all these prejudices and discriminations are unavoidable. They'd sure appear, and they'd be everywhere. the thing is, how do you counter it...?

Aeons ago, Chinese came as traders, migrants, leaving their declining-country to seek for a better land, a better life. today, many Chinese are migrating off, seeking a better land, a better life, a better country. The problem is left behind, not solved. They go to a new country, more new problems arise.They stay here, they cannot advance, hindered by many laws and policies of the land which are supposed to help others. Mehh.

And unless we young fellas stay back and change this country,
It's a lose-lose situation for everyone yo.

Stay. Pray. Hope. Change. Awaken!

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