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Thursday, August 23, 2012

Social Nature

Heh I know it sounds weird, but
I have been observing myself.
How I adapt to a new environment of people.
How I relate.

And this is how it goes...!

Talk to me, and I'll talk to you more and much more.
If not, there is no need to make noise in your ears!
I won't disturb your world,
Unless I am pushed to or I know you don't mind being disturbed.

I am afraid of your face if it's scary,
Till the moment you smile with your eyes,
All that scare shatters
And nothing else matters.

Usually wandering around in random directions,
I see a group and a gang,
But I don't barge into the ring of cool excitement
Though one side of me really wants to.
Hence I often end up hanging around with 'lost' people 
Those usually quieter ones
Or ended up forming small groups of duos, trios and quadros.
Yeah, it's small, and I like it!

Don't hug me! I feel weird.
But when I hug you and I don't feel weird,
Then I can't stop hugging you.

Be a friend to me,
And I will do all I can to be a friend to you.

Yeap so it's roughly like that. Highly conservative at first, then when all the green lights flash, things get a little wild and crazy all out and... you know. It's like a combination of my two very contrasting personalities, C and I. Ahahah I am an ambivert!

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