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Monday, January 28, 2013

Exams Gone, Sem 2 Begins!

So, it had been an amazing exam month. For me it felt more like a holiday! Sleeping late into the mornings, eat, sleep, study, sleep, exam at night and all. Pllus there were lots of empty days in between my 8 exam papers so I made trips, stayed over at friend's houses, went to the cinema for movies and all. Woohoo! I'm sure gonna miss the exam month.

My first Edexcel London External exam which is also the last for Sem 1.
Basically I had 2 Physics paper, one Psychology one and a whole bunch of math papers. Mamamia! The 2 Physics paper were tough but very fun and challenging! Lots of amusing application questions. A projectile motion of a man jumping off a cliff? Piezoelectric crystals and sound waves?? GG! Hahahaha. As for Psychology, the questions were really weird too, as they zoomed in and focused on the small, unimportant sections of the unit (variations in Milgram's study) and made it into a long, high mark essay question. Oh shoot.

For math, C1 to C3 was rather okay, with M1 being weird, sesat, and C4 being mentally numbing. Oh whyyy are there SO many integration questions on finding the area? I'm tired of that already! Ah well. I hope the overall is good enough to balance out for M1 and C4. Hopefully!

Semester 2.
The first Semester passed really, really fast. And I actually miss all the fun, competitions, LG group times and all we had! MCKL is really awesome! I bet Sem 2 will fly by even faster since it is only 3 months, where Sem 1 was 5 months long! And this is the semester where in all subjects we really start ti dig deep and learn all-new things! Physics, Math, Psychology. Ahh. Plus, I'm somehow holding 2 posts in two different big clubs/societies. How on earth am I gonna stay alive? Well I have no idea. The challenge awaits! Tadaaaaa.

I daresay I love my timetable this round. I will sure miss the super-long breaks in the middle of the day like last semester but as a reward, class ends earlier on certain days and starts later too! Oh yeah. And still, there's those looooong hours of math followed by more math in Physics! Wow. I hope my mental energy can hold out with the numbers and unknowns.

Tomorrow class begins. And I can't wait to crash college again. Don't you just love college I mean, MCKL? =3

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