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Friday, February 22, 2013

MCKL Orientation Ball 2013

So! Let me just very briefly run though this interesting night. the MCKL Orientation Ball! That Friday evening girls went into a frenzy doing hairs and drawing faces and all to get ready. But me, nope. I was resting on the bed. I am one who does not like all these make-ups. Then we hostel girls all squashed into cars to get to Hotel Istana, Jalan Raja Chulan to hangout and register, all excitedly chattering away...

It is a night of surprises.
And night to remember...

Ground Floor Foyer?

The first that amused me is that for our Cohort we only had to pay RM5. ONLY?!? On further thinking perhaps the fees are included under the "College Activities" fee of RM1000+ when we paid before classes started. Mm possibly. But this Hotel Istana in downtown KL is no joke in terms of money! It costs a bombb. And it IS nice, up to it's bomby price. Coool.

When we finally got out of the overheated car (the aircon was dead) I just followed my friends who headed straight for the washroom which did not look like a toilet nor smell like one. they continued their make up and camwhored and whatever lah.

Right outside the Mahkota Hall the registration booth was up and open, the photo booth set up in an area, and everyone hung around talking and taking pictures while the waiters walked around offering wine glasses of orange juice. Heh. Everyone was basically dressed up to their best, and for an instance it felt like somebody's wedding dinner! Whatmore with that flowery archway and the carved ice sitting there in a big MCKL shape.

Hostel kids
Whose wedding? No one. A random girl would just walk up to me and grin and I'd just make a blur face looking at her. "OMG IT'S YOU!" Her make up or hairdo made her totally unrecognizable. My goodness. Most of the girls who wore specs took it off, so that was why. After voting for the Prom King and qqueen and registering, I entered the hall and was instantly hit by a blast of VERY COLD WIND. Oh dear.

A biggg hall! My table 29 was right on the left-front, one table away from the loud speakers. There I sat with Yi Zhen, Sharon and gang. And yes, it was very cold.

Dance and sing, people, dance and sing!

After a late grand entrance of the VIPs (Miss Moey the principal and the board) like a wedding couple entering the hall with applause and spotlight, the night started off with a short Musical performance by the Performing Arts Club (PAC) and it was quite interesting, I'd say. Then some speeches followed, the handover ceremony of the old to new Student Council, more amazing music performances and all.

As you can see there were soooooooo many items! Finally after saying grace we headed to the buffet lines to grab some food. THE SALAD HAS RAW LOVELY SALMON! another line was Asian fusion while the buffet area at the back was Western. Right in front near my table, was the desserts! Sweets, cream, delicacies AND CHOCOLATE HOT CAKE! Squeeeeeeee......!

In general the food was really good. Soup, food, and all. What a pity I could eat no more! As we ate 3 rounds of lucky draws went on. Many won iPads, iPod Nanos, polaroid cameras, Samsung S3 phones and many more. Ooh that's a lot of money there in that box! Pity I didn't win anything hah.

After the winners for the performances (the Ernest-Samuel Duo won with their almost flawless harmozing voices and guitars!) and the OB King and Queen were announced, the dance floor was opened, and half the ballroom abandoned their tables and started dancing to the dance-beat music with the heavy bass blasting away. You know, like the disco sorta jumping around? The flashing spotlights and lasers blinded me and I think the volumes made me half deaf. I really couldn't think of anything and sit at the back staring in awe at the sight in front!

A hilarious moment was when the Oppa Gangnam Dance Remix was played, everyone did the Psy dance during the chorus LOL. Chewie and Maybelle pulled me to the front but I didn't stay for long! My feet were already dying and they'd die faster if some jumping fella stepped on it! Aaaargh!
The duos of MCKL

After goodness-knows-how-long of jumping around the music switched to the love songs for pairs to dance at around 11pm. Slowly couples and pairs went up front, some obviously not knowing how to dance (so just hug the other and sway around and rest in embraces) while were learning to dance properly and nicely. You could really tell which duo's a couple (ohoho) and which are pairs of good friends, by the way they err interact? Anyhow at this time I found it more amusing to observe and video/ photograph than to dance.

Suddenly Yen Shuen came round frantically breaking my calm mood looking for her purse which she left on one of the chairs. She lost it. Ah well. And suddenly Justin came round asking me to dance. Huh? Blurr. So we danced a while before the song ended and I went back to my observation spot. that was only a pair of classmates dancing okay, not a couple! No such nonsense.

Derik finally got round chasing us to get ready to go so after a long time more in the hall we went down the lobby to arrange our car rides home to the hostel. We didn't stay back for the after party at the bar. Maybelle's boyfriend kindly offered a seat for Chewie and I back to 633 Residency so we got back at 12.30pm. So late! I decided not to stay for the candles and wine party at the pool so I walked back to my apartment after grabbing my stuff and changing at Chewie's unit.

I have a train to catch early the next morning lah. I got home at 1am and slept at 2am. Oh my. I hope I can wake up tomorrow morning to go up to Butterworth!

MCKL Orientation Ball 2013 - Debutant!

So here ends my very brieeeeef summary of the night. For more information, visit my journal hahahaha.

In conclusion, it was a lovely evening with all the fellow MCKL-ians. 

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