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Monday, July 15, 2013

BOSS Ear Candy!

Now, this is really BOSS ear candy! I've just listed here the World Championship Finals 2013 of the BOSS loop thingy, and if you have time, do watch through them all! I've listed them from my least favourite to most favourite; top to bottom. If you really have NO TIME, scroll down to the last 2 videos and please, PLEASE watch them at least. And don't forget to wear your headphones to catch the bass. Woohoo!

Err musically wise not very pleasant to the ear. But then I 'll give it the most funny ridiculous award LOL. Like seriously, a pig toy sound? HAHAHAH. And All those noisy monkey sounds? And when I heard the first line of his lyrics, I.... HAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.

HAHAHAH another funny joker. So funny la I can't stop laughing! Musically also not very many stars but LOLOLOLOL so ridiculous! Sounds like some samurai and Ultra-Man was inside too! So creative hahahahahaha! But still, in the end, he reminds me of some uncle in the karaoke Lounge lol.

Ahaha no cello bias from me! Mostly it was repetitive, but there was some nice cool effects at the begining and end! But the sound was rather noisy to me? Put more natural sounds ma aiyo. Mehh.

HAHAH the false start. Mmm his loops weren't so smooth, and a biiiiit off at some places, but nonetheless, a very nice sad-dish song, a first among all! And his piano playing is romantic-era-ish... before bursting into funny weird timings and beats wth.

Ahh the innovative creative acoustic guitar guy! Musically not much stars, but creativitywise, good! Beatboxing and smacking into the guitar, especially! but he didn't sing. Aih.

Ah he sang! Okay lah. but the chords went in repition around also aiyoh. At some point it can get a tiny but boring, i'd say.

Mmmmm nice. But more normal lah. And he didn't sing! aiyo. And hmm it's cool seeing an Electric guitar sound like a Bass. ;) But his loops were not fully smooth la aiya.

Ooh lots of coool cool little effects! Again, it's cool seeing a bass sound coming out of an Electric! Nice beat too by the way! But he didn't sing much, but a bit was better than none! Plus his loops were smooth. Anyhow you can still see him enjoying himself thoroughly!

Costa Rica!
Another nice beat fella! But he was one step up as he SANG! Muahahaha. And Music much. Nice classical guitar btw, sir! And cool effect using the hailer too!

Walaooo beatbox master! So cute and fun! hohohoho. He was the Champion of BOSS 2013, I think. Oh yeeeah! Hahaha. But not so much of music-sense lah aiya.

So cute his Superbass beatboxing plus "electric" Ukulele and MINI SAXOPHONE! And. When he got to his smallest, most ridiculous NOSE WHISTLE, I just died laughing LOLOLOL. This guy funkily plays so many rare little instruments man. And he's got showmanship with all his funny antics and dress up heh. You could actually see him enjoying throughout like some mad hatter woohoo! Man he should've been the Champion instead of 2nd.

And last but not least, my favourite contestant, the only short Asian dude hahaha. The crazy signing piano guy. PLUS he's cutely enjoying himself heh. He makes music with music sense, like the old funny guy from USA. Woohoo! Good job! Really music candy to ears my heh.

Aiyo why no Malaysia one? Sad. Looks like Asia hasn't really caught up with the West in music yet huh!

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