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Sunday, July 7, 2013

The EduMission

"Real mission, is not just a one off short term trip, ooh you have fun, great experience, and after that life is back to the usual. No, real, effective mission trips must be long term... a lifetime."

Some uncle shared that line in the first night of the OMF Conference 2012 and it has been stuck in my mind ever since! A lifetime? Then more facts from the second night got stuck in my head. How education is used to transform the people slowly but surely, generation by generation. For better, or for worse!

SIB head pastor in Sarawak pleads the KL branch for help. They need more people to help, the work is too much, villages too many. Tadika KEMASes have been popping up everywhere, and native young pre-schoolers come home reciting green sticker prayers easily. It only costs RM10,400 to set up a kindergarten complete with teachers . SIB needs to set up Kindies everywhere or KEMAS will be the only one the young ones flock to. Even in Bario, the centre of revival once upon a time has KEMAS kindies popping up everywhere!

Err anyway. Now, back to the main point. Education. Education not as in our usual system of study-for-exams kind, but the kind where you gain joy from obtaining knowledge, having lots of memorable fun moments in the process.

And then it dawned on me. I don't have a Sarawakian IC for no reason. I have the rights of a Bumiputera. I can enter Sarawak as often and as long as I like! :D

Perhaps.... there is more to this?
More than a mere 2-month tuition yearly.
Perhaps a 6 or 12-year education plan is more like it!
Perhaps. I should change this post's title to:
The Penan EduMission?

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