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Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Akeu Murung Murung

Originally a Kayan song Akui Melu Melu, this celebrative Penan song also means 'I Am Overjoyed' and is filled with laughter, smiles, and sayau dancing after being transformed by God. This is part of my Penan songs collection with chords and recordings (later) for people to learn and sing!

KEY: E (4/4)

Akeu' murung murung
Murung dalem Yesus
Akeu' lepah kenanak maréng
       F#                B7
Ngelan tong jaji néh

                             E         E7
Akeu' keloo' uleu jam bé
Ja'au kemurung lem kenin ké'
                       E                            B7
Akeu' murung, murung murung, 
Murung dalem Yésus

(replace murung with these words)
... Akeu' malaa' malaa'...
... Akeu' sayau sayau...
... Akeu' bahuu' bahuu'...

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