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Tuesday, September 15, 2015

How Can I

How can I inhale this crisp air,
When my countrymen suffocate in smog?
How can I live in this utopian movie-like dream world,
When my land blazes with heat, scorn and anger?
How can I enjoy rich, abundant foods,
When the trays of leftovers will never reach the starving men opposite my house?
How can I cherish this multiracial union of colours,
When my nation's foundations of unity crack and groan?
How can I shop for churches so freely,
When the onion roofs everywhere makes us hesitate to freely speak of God?
How can I hold these foreign dollars to spend,
When my ringgit's value drop, and drop in the hands of unlawful leaders?
How can I learn from the world's bestm
When my fellow youngsters toil through; oppressed and stressed,
In the failing education system of my country?

In all these
How can I ever forget God's grace
And purpose
For bringing me to this new foreign land?

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