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Saturday, October 10, 2015

Burning Injustice

I slumped through biased history and simple literature in high school, and missed the Arts and Humanities greatly when I was doing A-Levels. Having so much numbers and science, it felt as though a part of me went to sleep!

Now smack in a Christian Liberal Arts college, I welcome all the humanities classes with open arms to join my default halls of math and sciences. It's a struggle to write in a non-fictious way, but the mindful thoughts gained from discussions and readings were... incredibly enriching!

For instance, despite possibly being a Physics major, I currently have a class named 'Gospel, Church, and Culture'. From Plato to Augustine to creation to The Gospel to Christ to El Salvador to Martin Luther King Jr., there would be at least one class each week, where I would be deeply,  powerfully moved to tears.

Today was on justice. Mission. Civil rights.
Today was one of those days.

What is this burning feeling in my chest,
Shooting up my throat and to my eyes?
Why do these coals for injustice burst aflame?
Why does the oppression of the poor and needy in El Salvador strike a heavy chord?
Why do these civil right movements reflect my longing for a promised land of racial justice?

Because I am reminded of home.
Because my country could head down the violent paths others have gone before.
Because I know many churches could have played a more powerful role in social reformation.
Because I love Malaysia.

= = = =

Putting Tim Keller's book Generous Justice beside Dr King Jr's letters and speeches creates such a stirring within; such a stirring within.

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