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Friday, May 20, 2016

The Two Best Instruments to Learn

If you could only pick two instruments to MASTER, pick the Guitar and the Cello. In my humble opinion, these are the best choices for you to explore the world of music. ;)


With master fingers on a Cello, you can easily explore the Classical World, and easily join ensembles or orchestra to play masterpieces from the thousands of past years.

But the cellist can also play alone. Thanks to its ideal range, it can reach high tones of a violin, and low bass sounds. Essentially, the cellist can be a one-man band like Steven Nelson below, having covered all the ranges.

Yes, the Double Bass has obviously more bass, but in terms of portability, the cello wins hands down. You could be a contemporary cello band ANYWHERE like these insane 2Cellos below. I must warn you though, like many fretless strings, the Cello is incredibly hard to learn.


If you haven't noticed, the guitar is extremely portable. You've seen it in churches, coffee houses, buses, campsites, bathrooms and even rooftops. Like the piano, it is easier to start learning because you know where to press.

The guitarist can easily explore the contemporary (and classical) world, where just 4 basic chords can bring thousands of songs to your fingertips. Your fingers will also have access to the guitar's relatives such as the bass, electric cousins, ukulele, mandolin, and etc.

But perhaps the best is that you could easily play percussion on the guitar (like a cajon), and thanks to the guitar's wide range and pedal effects the guitarist can be a one man band anywhere like Luca below, and sound wonderful too.


I know, these are strings (and percussion). But in case you didn't realize, you've got a fantastic, portable wind instrument right in your neck. Plus your mouth. Your vocal chords work like reeds, and your mouth/lips/tongue basically work more magic than man-made valves.

Every heard of Acapella? If you're a guy you could have an ideally large range, and basically be a one-man band like Mike here. Again. Plus, you can beatbox (percussion) and make all kinds of funky synthesizer sounds with your mouth too.

So putting one or two skills together, you could sound like this. I haven't seen a group which sings, beatbox, plays the cello/guitar and do percussion hits at the same time beautifully. And that's hard, because you're basically playing at least 3 instruments at the same time.

I have barely mastered these, but it is my dream to play these like an octopus. Gotta catch 'em all!


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